As the Spirit Moves Me

Beyond the Zone: God and The Spiritual Journey



In the last few years I have become particularly interested in spirituality
and theology, (rather than religion ‘per se’, an impressive expression,
rather fancy and foreign.)
But what does it mean? I began to realize that the spiritual aspect was
missing from my life for so long. Unbalanced, like a lop-sided wheel,
my engine of life spluttering and misfiring along.
I’m certainly not another “Bible basher”. I like to think of myself as a
free spirited follower of Jesus Christ (though I don’t like “labelling” people) , who is tolerant of other views and denominations.
There are many doorways to God, our great Creator and life-force, I believe. YOU choose the path, according to what you understand God to be
( how can you reconcile this with what JC said in John 14:6, c ? – I had to go directly to “The Ultimate Source” to…

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