The Possibility Thinkers Bible


Here are some of my notes from the Letters in the Bible (in point form). This material has been sourced from many TV adressess over the years by my “early spiritual mentor”, Dr Robert H Schuller, as well as my studies, extracts and notes from ‘The New Possibility Thinkers Bible’ (NKJV) by Dr R H Schuller and Paul D Dunn (Published by Thomas Nelson Inc, 1996)

As I study this excellent Bible and take notes, I learn and grow spiritually… so in turn, am passing on these words of wisdom (eternal). I hope, I trust that they may encourage, empower, uplift and hopefully even perhaps inspire you as they do me. And this is my reason for sharing.

Thank you sincerely, Dr Schuller and Mr Dunn for the work you have put into your inspiring ‘New Possibility Thinkers Bible’
and for encouraging me from the depths…

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